Thursday, February 21, 2008

GUEST POST: This Bridge Called Barack

I'm delighted to bring you this guest post this morning from Renee Cramer (pictured left), an assistant professor of Law, Politics, and Society at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. Renee's recent scholarly work has focused on intersections of race and class in American Indian law and politics and has been published by the University of Oklahoma Press (Cash, Color, and Colonialism) and several academic journals. Here's Renee!

This Bridge Called Barack

Andrew Sullivan recently wrote that Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate – either Republican or Democrat – who can bring the United States out of the morass that is the “Culture Wars” and into a saner, more peaceful future. Sullivan wrote that Obama is the candidate who can “bridge th[e] widening partisan gulf” in American politics, suture the fissures created by divisive discourse on religion, and connect the generational divide that typifies Baby Boomer Era politics and rubs those of us in Generations X and Y the wrong way.

Sullivan pictures Obama as the bridge to the future that Bill Clinton sold us on, the bridge to the 21st century. And Sullivan’s right. It is useful, indeed, inspiring, to envision Barack Obama and his candidacy as a bridge that takes us beyond where the Clinton administration left off, and from which the Bush administration has tragically backtracked.

This vision – of Obama as a bridge – is a powerful one for many reasons. But for me, its powerful because it brings to mind the mind-blowing, transcendent work of Gloria Anzuldua. Hermana Anzuldua wrote Borderlands - La Frontera: The New Mestiza, which was published by Spinsters/Aunt Lute press in 1987 and went on to become an often assigned, much cited, lovingly read classic in feminism, Chicano/a studies, and queer theory. In elaborating the title of that book, the late Anzuldua wrote, “the Borderlands are physically present wherever two or more cultures edge each other, where people of different races occupy the same territory, where under, lower, middle, and upper classes touch, where the space between two individuals shrinks with intimacy.”

Barack Obama inhabits these borderlands. As the African American son of a “white” Midwestern woman and an African man, he lives on the borderlands of racial identity in the United States. As someone who has lived with varying degrees of material comfort, as a former community organizer with an Ivy League education, he occupies the borderlands of social and economic class. As a man who publicly celebrates being married to a strong woman, and the father of two daughters, he lives on the borderlands of gender relations. As a person who has lived for extended periods abroad, in developing nations, and who has crafted a persona of calm and compassionate rationality on the world stage, Obama has potential to change the face of the United States in the international arena; he is on the borderlands and the frontier of US foreign policy.

As a powerful campaigner who connects as well in small settings as large venues, indeed, Obama shrinks space with intimacy.

But it is not Anzuldua’s Borderlands/La Frontera that Sullivan’s piece evoked for me – rather, it is her earlier work, the edited volume that she and Cherrie Moraga compiled, titled, famously This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, and published in 1981.

That groundbreaking collection was utterly transformational – for scholarship, for women of color, for me (a Midwesterner, a “white” girl), when I read it in college in the early 1990s. The book juxtaposes disparate female voices, in a multitude of languages, attitudes, genres and guises. In it, writers like Audre Lorde call for a “radical restructuring” of the United States – they call for liberation, justice, and subversion. They argued that these transformations could occur in the most intimate of places – the home, the person, the body – as well as in the halls of government and the workings of the law.

NPR’s Tom Ashbrook noted in an interview with Sullivan that Obama’s candidicay, at this particular point in US history, is like a “miracle of American culture.” Anzuldua’s writings, her demarcation of the borderlands, her indigenista mestijae message, her ability to collaborate, to hold onto her idea of self while transcending identity politics – those, as well, are miracles of a truly American culture. I see them embodied in the Obama campaign.

Anzaldua’s writing was called, by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez in their weblog’s obituary for the author, “honest as a cactus.” Obama would likely smile at that phrase. Certainly he has his own tendencies for telling prickly truths, like when he famously spoke about raising auto emission standards, not at an environmental rally, but in front of United Auto Workers members and assembly line workers in Detroit, and when he is frank about the costs of some of his proposed programs, and candid about the costs of the campaign on his personal life.

Some feminists have argued that Hillary Clinton is the candidate we must support, primarily because she is a woman. And lately, supporters of Clinton have accused Obama of sexist language on the campaign trail, as when he said that she “periodically” attacks his campaign, when she’s “down” in the polls.

But my brand of feminism is an anti-essentialist, transformational politics. It is not a reductivist regressive identity politics that sees insult and victimization in the most innocent of phrases. Barack Obama’s very identity requires an anti-essentialist stance. And his refusal to play the race card in the face of clearly racializing language from his opponents refuses the victim cast. Like Anzuldua’s writings, the potential of Obama’s candidacy is “transformational,” as Sullivan writes – transformational of the culture wars, of America’s image abroad, of our sense of responsibility to each other, and of our cynicism and apathy towards “politics as usual.”

In his hybridity, in his transformational and historic campaign, in his focus on empowering and employing the grassroots of American democracy, I see Obama as the most feminist candidate currently running. Certainly, he is a bridge – not a bridge to the dubious promises of the 21st century; but a bridge that evokes the promises of the borderland, the understanding and acknowledgment that American democracy has, as Gloria Anzaldua and Cherrie Moraga reminded us, been built on the backs of others who came before.

He is A Bridge Called Barack.

You can reach the author at And thank you to Shira Tarrant for making the connection!


J. K. Gayle said...

I see Obama as the most feminist candidate currently running.

Your not alone in your excellent observations. (Thanks for the great post!) Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, the world’s greatest scholar on womanly discourse and on presidential rhetoric, has conceded (to some of us at a conference recently) that Barack Obama is using feminist rhetoric. Kohrs Campbell is the one who wrote that famous “Hating Hillary” article a while back, in which she looked at the rhetorics of hate around Clinton. (I asked if she thought Toni Morrison, who endorses Obama, could fairly call him, if elected, “our first woman president.” Kohrs Campbell, who likes the idea of a true woman president sooner rather than later, replies: “yes, you could call him a ‘womanly’ presidential candidate.”)

In a related post, Hugo Schwyzer offers "A few notes on feminism, symbols, and youthful Obamophilia."

smilla's simple life said...

j. k., thanks for your comment on my piece. I think we could push it a bit further and say that Obama's rhetoric is not only feminist, it is nonviolent. And the reaction of many on the left to marginalize this nonviolent feminist speech is disheartening. He's called "too kind," "too weak" to be president - and surely you saw Mark Halperin saying that Edwards thought Obama was "a pussy." That kind of language does much - it emasculates a black man quite effectively, and has the dual effect of making him seem both more palatable (because he's not scary or angry) and less effective a leader. So "pussy" isn't just misogynist, it has the effect of denigrating nonviolent discourse and limiting its efficacious use in US politics. --Renee

Pop Feminist said...

Thank you for posting this. I'm a feminist for Obama and am always met with resistance from my community. I appreciate this argument ever so much!

urbanartiste said...

I must be in the dark ages, but I can not believe how many feminists are not supporting Hillary. I feel like I have taken a step back in time when women were told it would be better not to have the right to vote at the same time as black men. Gender focused issues have completely fell to the wayside in this entire presidential debate with the exception of healthcare. Her take on healthcare is so much more progressive. Her voice that me must fight for the top is the message that is resonating with me.

People keep on talking about what a great message we will be sending the world if we elect Barack. How about the message we will send if we elect a woman? If she does not become the next president of the U.S. how about a woman at the head of the U.N. - that would be a hell of a message to send the world.

Deborah Siegel said...

J.K. - thanks for those excellent links!! On a related note, check out Ellen Goodman's column from last Friday - I'll do a post on it and bring some of these comments into it as well.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your post (especially coming from a women's studies graduate program where Gloria Anzaldua is heavily focused on ...Texas Woman's University). I worry, however, that with this post you are doing what so many others are doing; you seem to be deifying Obama is some strange way. Granted, he is a wonderful candidate, but lest we not forget he (like Hillary, like McCain, etc) are POLITICIANS, these people are NOT social activists, they are not humanitarians, they are not philanthropists in the very traditional ways these terms are defined. He, like Hillary, is a lawyer-turned-policy-maker-turned presidential candidate. These folks have been prepped for this moment their entire adult lives.

To compare Obama to something Anzalduan seems a bit premature and, well, just wrong in my opinion. At least wait to crown him the second coming of christ once he has actually proven something beyond sexy rhetoric. To continue to give Obama this "he is so worthy" pass does us (the people) no good. I fear that the political wool has been pulled over many eyes. We forget that we must STILL hold these politicians accountable. I am a Hillary supporter, but I do not see her as my savior. I see her legacy in partnership with my own; not simply because she is a woman but because I believe in where she stands on the issues, her experience, and hell the woman has paid her political dues. Does this make me a non-transformative, or conforming, feminist? No, absolutely not. No matter who we support, I just hope we realize that after the honeymoon is over we will still be awake and not fall passively asleep after the sex is done. I hope that folks recognize the ones out there actually doing the activist work (you know the one's who usually don't get the credit, and are not famous celebrities or politicians).

I had the opportunity to meet both Obama and Hillary Clinton when they came to Dallas. I went to an Obama rally first, it was amazing; people were enthralled by this man (myself included). Then, I went to a Hillary rally; that too was amazing, mostly because Hillary actually took the time to talk to me and my friends. I was moved because here stood before me a woman in such a powerful position, a position that, as a young brown girl growing up, would have never believed a woman could actually hold.

Arguably, she too represents a type of liminal space by embodying something that transcends gender oppression.

With all that said, I invite you and your readers to read my blog about Hillary :) Follow link below.

You might also find Trevor Phillips article "Obama Victory Will Prolong Racial Divide" quite intriguing.

It's always nice to see what other folks are saying! Again, I enjoyed reading your blog.


smilla's simple life said...

Tara - I'm really slow commenting on your comment on my post .... :) but I appreciate your cautions, and want to respond a bit. Though I'm leery of how scattershot my comments back might seem.

You're not the first to think that Obama supporters are deifying him, but I take issue with your characterization of my particular support for him -- I don't see him as "my savior" or even democracy's "savior" - I certainly haven't "crowned him the second coming of christ." And I would call on the electorate to hold whomever we elect accountable! Cornel West, a friend-of-Clintons and now campaigner for Obama makes similar points whenever he speaks -- democracy doesn't end with the vote - it begins with the dialogue leading up to votes, and continues with accountability.

I think Obama is the best candidate for a number of reasons - primarily because he does a more self-conscious job about articulating the role of the electorate in the democracy. His language is inclusive -- where Hilary Clinton uses "I" 25 - 30 times in a speech, Obama uses "we." Clinton gives me the impression that she wants my vote; Obama gives me the impression that he wants my participation. No, I'm not deluded into thinking that he isn't ambitious, doesn't want power, isn't a politician; and I also don't believe that Hilary is only out for herself, and wouldn't advocate for the good of groups I am in sympathy with -- but simple rhetorical strategies of inclusion, empowerment, and community *are* important, and important markers of a leadership philosophy that could have important implications for policy and democratic governance. And this isn't, for me, just the rhetoric the candidates are using - I see it in their campaign organization and structure. I've had several students work for and intern for both campaigns - and this is my impression from talking to them about their (excellent with both campaigns) experiences.

I think you're right that a comparison to Anzaldua is a bit premature - while I stand by the comparison, it should be recognized as a provocation, a metaphor, a hope even - not blind nor niave (I can never spell that word!), but aspirational.

Its funny that you compare your two experiences with the campaign rallies - I had similar ones, and completely opposite! I've seen all of the Democratic candidates in person twice, I attended the Iowa debates. Since you shared the nice story about Clinton talking with you and your friends, I'll share mine about Obama (but note, this is NOT why I support him! Its just a cute story) -- my three year old (an unabashed Hillary Clinton supporter!!), dad, step mom, and I were at an Obama event in town; it was 2 hours late getting started due to weather, and was packed beyond their expectation of the crowd, into two over flow rooms. My step mom took my son out for some water - and to stem the tide of crankiness that 2 hours in a hot packed room was bringing on -- and they walked around the corner to see Obama coming out of the bathroom. My little guy yelled "Barack Obama!" and the candidate turned, smiled, put his fingers to his lips and said "you didn't see me!" :) just a gentle little joke to a tiny little kid. It showed me the same humanity that Clinton showed you.

Which brings me to my larger point, in agreement with you - yes, they are both human. Fallible. Self-interested. Not messiahs. Not heros. They're both, gasp, lawyers. And, they both (I wish Clinton would raise this more) were community and political organizers. They are both historic candidates. They would both make good, if not exceptional presidents - I just happen to think that the Obama campaign is more feminist, in the way that I understand and embrace feminism; that it is more collaborative, more inclusive, more democratic - in rhetoric and organization -- than the Clinton campaign. Aside from agreeing with his policy plans and appreciating what he did in Illinois, I find him the more exciting candidate, the more motivational - and I want to stake a claim that this is, indeed, a feminist stance.


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