Thursday, March 22, 2007

Generative Women, Exciting New Ventures

What a generative few weeks it's been for the girls here in NYC! Just bursting to share news of my friend Rebecca Segall's new venture here on the Upper West Side:

Writopia is a new afterschool writing center offering community and creative writing workshops for young writers, ages 12-18. Rebecca (left) -- who is herself a brilliant writer and from whom I've learned a great deal about writing nonacademically -- launched the site last week, and if you know people with kids who are into writing, please please pass it on. My Marco designed the cool logo.

And attention women writing books about women's lives: I may be a bit late in the discovery, but because I just learned about this, I just have to pass it on:

MotherTalk is a place where readers and writers connect through literary salons, blog tours, podcasts, radio, writer's community, and more. What an ingenuous idea. I already adore these people and hope to learn more later today.

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