Friday, April 6, 2007

Sisterhood is...noisy

Just a quick one on this snowy Friday on the Upper West Side: HuffPost has an interesting post by Leslie Bennetts about the reception of her book, The Feminine Mistake, proving once again that sisterhood is noisy whenever one writes about women's choices and predicaments these days. As usual, I hope that Leslie's many important points make it through the din.


Patti Binder said...

I just checked out the link to Huff Post and Leslie's findings and premise make sense to me, but then I am childless and work full time. I'm glad to see that she focuses on the positive outcomes that moms-who-work bring to their families beyond the income.

Deborah Siegel said...

Hey there Patti - Yeah, it seems complicated. The book has gotten so much flack -- and I suspect some of it is for very good reasons. So enough of my commenting out of turn without having read it -- I'm off to B&N to pick up a copy NOW!