Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some Good Commentary on Bennetts

I 'fess up: I struggled with the tone in my post below, as my live-in editor Marco, who I made read it twice before I hit "publish" can attest. My ethics dictate that I try (at least) to take issue without trashing, cause really, who needs more trash in this world. On that note, some of the best, aka most balanced, posts and commentaries I've seen so far: Joan Walsh on Salon and Mojo Mom , and an interesting bit about a review Mojo submitted to Amazon which Amazon wouldn't publish.

PS. Leslie, if you are reading, I look forward to meeting you, and to engaging in conversation not only about the issues, but about reception -- an issue that intrigues me, politically and personally and professionally, to no end.

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Helaine said...

I'd add Rebecca Mead's take in The New Yorker this week.