Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blogging Feminism

So much to write about today I don't know where to begin!

First, a launch near and dear to my heart: The Scholar & Feminist Online goes live today with an issue called Blogging Feminism. The issue is edited by Gwendolyn Beetham (a founder of the Real Hot 100) and Jessica Valenti (see posts below for scoop on Jessica's smokin new book) and features essays by feminist academics and some of today's most popular bloggers -- including Samhita of, Bitch PhD, Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon, Clancy Ratliff of CultureCat, Morgaine, and Chris Nolan of -- sandwiched by a foreword from Salon's Rebecca Traister, and an afterword from yours truly. This is SO the issue we envisioned when we started SFO -- interactive, crossovery, and on the mark. Can't wait to see it go live later today.

The accompanying group blog can be accessed here:

For one week after the edition launches, the blog portion of the
edition will be live, giving both the contributors and the readers a
chance to discuss the issues online. Add it to your blogroll! Come leave comments! I'll see you there.