Thursday, June 21, 2007

Book Tour Blogging: Stop Two

Washington DC.

My friend Heather once told me, soon after she had her first baby, that all the things that worry you about motherhood when you're pregnant are none of the things you worry about once you have that kid. You worry about different things instead. I feel a bit like that about this book (Sisterhood, Interrupted). Before it was born, I worried (well, worried is strong - more like wondered) that I'd offend older women readers or alienate younger ones. Or both. Or that I'd be accused of adding fuel to the flame by writing about feminist fights. So far, nope.

In that miraculous stroke of stars in alignment and timing (I think being published right after Jessica and Courtney's books took off like wildfire, starting crucial debates, was fortuitous), my book seems to be hitting folks in just the way I had hoped -- and is drumming up some panels and forums for cross-generational conversation among gals old and young. (Stay tuned for more details - but the first one is a Demos Forum on July 26th. Lots more in the works for Fall.)

So what are the worries, a week post-delivery? Only the silly stuff. Like forgetting my camera on the South Jersey trip and not being able to preserve the memory of walking down Alice Paul's staircase at Paulsdale, or not publicly thanking the manager of Olsson's Bookstore last night in DC (THANK YOU, Olsson's!), or not taking a photo (brought the camera this time) of Emily Napalo and Diana, assistants to Ellie Smeal at Feminist Majority Foundation and Kim Gandy at NOW respectively, who came to the reading, to post here on the blog....

So before I forget, a warm shout out to those in DC: Emily, Diana, Michal Avni, Heather Boushey, Allison Kimmich, Sarah Blustain, Ann Friedman, and especially to my host John Schmidt. And to the young women (esp Danielle) who interviewed me for PBS's To the Contrary. You all totally made my day!

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