Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Launch Day, Death By Chick Lit!

If you're looking for a summer read to kick off the season, I highly recommend Lynn Harris' Death By Chick Lit. Maybe I'm enjoying it so much because I'm about to launch a book and am drinking that complicated cocktail of selfish envy and altruistic delight for all my friends who are currently publishing books to great acclaim. Or maybe I'm enjoying it because it's just damn lol funny. Enough about why. Just read it. Because it will make you laugh. If you don't believe me, ask Marco, or ask my cat, because it's been making them laugh out loud too. (Ok, that cat line proves it: *I* am not funny.)

Here's a teaser:


You’ve heard of Lola Somerville. Or not. Her first novel, much anticipated by her mother, was promptly eclipsed by…everyone else’s first novel. These days, seems no one Lola knows can write a letter to the editor without having it optioned for a major motion picture. Sure, Lola thinks, I have a great geek-hottie husband and a cool apartment in “up and coming” Brooklyn—but just once, can’t I write some random article and have Jodie Foster call me for the film rights? Or jeez, okay, Minnie Driver. Just something?

Then one night at a swanky book party, Lola finds her frenemy Mimi McKee, author of Gay Best Friend, dead in the basement, throat slashed with a broken martini glass. And when the bodies of It-Girl writers begin to pile up, Lola starts asking dangerous questions: Are the murders connected? Am I next? If not, um, why not? If I solve the mystery, then will my agent remember my name? And as Lola digs deeper, the stakes get higher. Will getting her hands on the killer—and the book deal bound to follow—mean losing the people she loves most?

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