Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ok, I'm more than a little psyched - PUB DAY IS HERE!! This morning I was carrying a copy of Sisterhood, Interrupted (which Marco has started to refer to for some reason as "Sisterrupted") as I was waiting in line at Starbucks and the woman behind me asked "Is that book good? I like the title" and I got to say, "I wrote it!" Very fun way to start the day. That, and with a link to the awesome Courtney Martin's piece on my book in AlterNet today. Also going live today is an interview by the amazing ladies over at the Center for New Words.

I forgot to mention yesterday how inspired I was by the Annual Spring Reading I went to on Sunday for Girls Write Now. Those girls have got it going on. The store (B&N at Astor Place) was jam packed, and the girls--all in their teens--read their heartfelt, beautiful, painful, poignant, courageous writing to the crowd. The fearless and ever-inspiring Jessica Valenti kicked it off. Congrats Patti and Maya and all the others over at GWN on such a stupendous event! And thank you for giving this grown up girl renewed energy and inspiration as I launch into this week!

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Patti Binder said...

THANKS DEB! We were glad you could take time out of your pre-pub date day to hang with us! Can't wait to sink my teeth into your book. Patti