Monday, July 2, 2007

I Heart Feministing!

So I'm sitting in a session at the National Women's Studies Association conference (photo, tilt left) on Saturday and Jess Valenti and Courtney Martin are projecting some websites on the screen before a crowd of rapt women's studies professors who are learning ways to reach young women, and how to use blogs in their classrooms. Then boom! My face appears on the screen, ten times its normal size. Freaky. Celina over at feministing sent me some really great interview questions last week, and that's when I realized that the interview was definitely posted. Check it out here - comments more than welcome (pls post em over at feministing, to continue the conversation...)

This pic, by the way, is rockstars Courtney and Jess doing their thing. And the fact that the picture is tilted is me doing my thing. (I'm still learning how this camera phone thing works.)

The conference was, in Lisa Johnson's term, transplendent. It was so great to meet and remeet some of my fabulous colleagues in academe (hi Alison! hi Astrid!). And I just have to add (cuz I know she'll appreciate this): Alison Piepmeier has amazing hair.

Photos from the conference to follow soon.


Alison said...

Ha! Yes, I do have excellent hair. Definitely one of the recurring themes of this year's NWSA!

sad said...

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