Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Heart Lisa Birnbach

Truly, I do. Lisa (pictured left) interviewed me this morning on her show, and her questions, as to be expected, were incredibly thoughtful. We were talking on the air about how the having-it-all debate plays out among younger women, and, during a break, Lisa brought her 10 year old daughter into the studio to say goodbye. Said (adorable) daughter was leaving for a trip today with her dad. Work/family in action. I found it highly appropriate.

Lisa's producer proposed the possibility of a panel on the intergenerational issues (how's that for alliteration) with me, Gloria Steinem, and Courtney Martin. How fun would THAT be?!

I'll try to figure out how to post the mp3 file, when I get it, here. (If any of my bloggy mentors out there know how to do this, please feel free to shoot me a note!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Deborah,
Your blog made my day. I cannot tell you how gratifying my job as a listener (not to mention a talker) becomes when a guest has interesting, cogent ideas to express. So thank you!
You are/can be the bridge between the generations who want to "own" feminism, and need to play nicely with one another.

I look forward to another smart exhange.

All the best,