Friday, July 20, 2007

Men Happiest with Smart Wives

A new Australian study sheds light on this ever-surprising finding. What I can't help thinking when I read stuff like this is how degrading it is to men to assume they prefer bimbos. Ok, I know I know, a lot of them probably do. (Marco, your thoughts?!)

I wrote about this in Psychology Today back in 2004 - I still get emails about the article, which an extremely savvy editor there provocatively titled "The New Trophy Wife". The response to pieces like this makes me scratch my head all the more. And makes me want to write about it further, too. Hmm.

(Thanks to Katie over at the Lisa Birnbach Show for the link!)


Marco Acevedo said...

(Always weird to see my name come up when reading reading your blog in passive fan mode!)

When I get a chance I'll read that article— but most folks I know, male or female, require mates who are smart—— AND fun ;). Trophies are things one shows off to friends, and since one's mate should be one's *best* friend, that right there is one unfathomable divide.

Howzat, best friend?

Dick Masterson said...

The only difference between a "smart" wife and a regular one is that there's less disasters to clean up with the brainy version. She's still got no chance of being as smart as her husband. She's a woman.