Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogging Jane (Austen, That Is) - Stay Tuned!

I'm off to Wyoming this afternoon (crossing fingers that Cheney won't be there!), but an exciting offering is coming to you in my absence. Not one, not two, but THREE guest bloggers will be posting their reviews of the new movie, Becoming Jane, during the next few days here on Girl with Pen. One, Alison Piepmeier, is a professor of literature at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and a blogger at Baxter Sez (described as "a swirling mini-cosmos of academic and cultural quirkiness"). Another, Elizabeth Curtis, recently finished a hot M.A. thesis project on blogging and the formation of feminist networks online and blogs over at A Blog without a Bicycle. The third, Tiby Kantrowitz, is a writer with a background in film production and a passionate interest in women's issues. I really can't wait to read their reviews!

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy these bloggers - and hey, you New Yorkers out there, stay cool.

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