Thursday, August 2, 2007

Katie Couric, Hillary Clinton - WIMN in Chicago!

Why do journalists consider Hillary Clinton's "fat thighs" newsworthy in
coverage of her presidential bid, while Dick Cheney's beer belly is never
noticed by political reporters? Are women all really vapid, pathetic, gold-digging whores, as so-called "reality" TV producers would like us to believe? Feminist media activism and independent media production can interrupt this misogynistic media landscape - but how can either survive in a fractured funding climate? These are just some of the meaty issues that will be tackled by Women in Media and News (WIMN) in Chicago while I'm at Kimmi's reading tonight.

WHEN: Thurs., Aug. 2, 7pm
Click here to view Evite, and RSVP

WHAT: Wine, cheese and strategic conversation
Meet Women in Media and News' Executive Director, Board members, bloggers and special guests, including Veronica Arreola (Chicago Parent blogger), Paula Kamen (WIMN's Voices blogger, author and playwright), Gwynn Cassidy (co-founder, The Real Hot 100), and others at: "Don't Pin Your Hopes on Katie Couric: How Women Can Confront, Challenge and Change Contemporary Media - a discussion with Jennifer L. Pozner and Anne Elizabeth Moore."

If you go, tell me all about it! (And if any of the Chicago gals would like to guest blog about it here, please let me know.)



It would be nice to see you link to this straw poll using Range Voting, which lets us much more accurately gauge both the depth and breadth of support for the candidates.

The results are a little skewed right now, because it was first posted at some fairly partisan blogs, but as it picks up steam, I think it will be more representative of the sum of the various political factions. And it gives us so much more data than a simple plurality (vote-for-one) poll.


On a more partisan note, let me express my support for a woman who would make a great President. Karen Kwiatkowski.

Deborah Siegel said...

Thank you for sharing this, Broken Ladder - please do give a shout as poll picks up steam and is representative - eager to see the results! Karen Kwiatkowski claimed she was the anonymous source used by Seymour Hersh and Warren Strobel in their exposés of pre-war intelligence, right? -DS