Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Groovy Vibrations

Courtesy of Marco (always lookin out for me, that one!) comes this YouTube retrobite in which Moses Znaimer interviews Gloria Steinem in 1968 about being a "groovy chick" and an ex-Playboy bunny. Highlights:

Znaimer to Steinem: "You've been described as a chick with a good sense of the vibrations."

Steinem on reporting circa 1968: "To report with compassion is important now, because we've been so inundated by the statistics."

Life Magazine to Steinem: "We want a writer, not a girl.'"

Znaimer on Playboy Bunnydom: "I thought you had to be stacked to be a bunny girl."

Steinem to Znaimer: "A lot of that is plastic dry cleaner bags, really."

P.S. I just started a category called "feminist history." Were you there? Got pics to share? You send 'em, I'll post 'em!

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Judith said...

Thanks for sharing this cool clip! But what is with the ironing and the melon eating? bizarre...

Deborah Siegel said...

Thanks for your comment, Judith! I just realized: The ironing reminds me of Gloria's far more recent stint, I think with Jane Fonda, on the Daily show -- "Cooking with Gloria and Jane" or something like that -- in which they made an apple pie while talking about their new venture, Greenstone Media?!! So maybe the ironing was of that ilk. But the melon eating? No idea! -GWP