Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GUEST POST: With the Campfire Grrrls

This is guest blogger Marco with the first in a series of posts here on Girl With Pen where I aim to examine cultural and media-enabled myths and expectations regarding men — our desires, peeves, habits and obsessions, such as they are. But first, a few words to explain my feature title, lest I be confused with those oily, sarcastic, Coors-and-testosterone-addled shlubs who haunt the comment threads over at Broadsheet.

No sarcasm is intended. I've adopted the "good sport" moniker as a kind of badge of honor ever since it was bestowed on me by Nona Willis-Aronowitz at dinner. To explain further: after Dee's reading at New York's KGB Bar recently, we went out for a chocolate dinner reward at the Bald Man (aka Max Brenner) with Lauren Sandler and Nona Willis-Aronowitz (but you knew that already if you read this post). I'm a big fan of Broadsheet (and of course Girl w/Pen) because I happen to enjoy listening to smart, funny, sassy women, whether the subject is "the patriarchy" or relationships— and there was a whole lot of talk on the latter at this particular venue. To be fair, we also touched on Nona's upcoming road trip and Dee's traveling WomenGirlsLadies panel; it all coalesced around talking up, rediscovering and re-mapping the American Woman between the coasts, between cities and between easy polarities.

There's something cozily mesmerizing about following the Moebius loop of women talking about women talking; something also about the instant camaraderie of firing marshmallows over the table brazier and sharing dark chocolate fondue — probably the closest I've yet come to summer camp (not a typical option back in my 'hood, back in the day). Anyhow, when Lauren's husband and a buddy showed up it was suddenly three boys to three girls, and there was a palpable thump, like ballast shifting in the hold of a ship when it changes course. Nona sort of shook her head as if to clear it and smiled at me. "You've been a good sport for putting up with all the Sex-and-the-City stuff," she said. I smiled back and shrugged. "Not at all. It was fun." And it was. Now it was time for the men to high-five and reel out the batting averages... not. The new subject was Lauren and Justin's cool digs in Williamsburg— midcentury modern or New York eclectic?

Domicile trumps locker room. Almost always OK by me.

My next post: lock and load—— Halo 3 hits the streets and guy-outlets like Spike TV go into frenzy mode. Meanwhile that study on guys, gals and first-person shooter games surfaces in The Economist, and makes Jezebel go "Hmmm..."


Nona said...

haha! i just saw this. marco ate it all up with a spoon--all of our women-men-sex-love talk. amazing! glad to know some men are into it.

Marco Acevedo said...

Hiya Nona! The thing is, I love the kind of good, rollicking conversation that happens when peeps get together over food or drink, no matter who or what topic. When I get together with my buddies we'll veer from politics to comics to movies to architecture to women to comics to women. It's all good.

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