Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alpha Kitties on the Prowl

Cougars, move over. Here comes Alpha Kitty.

I've been a fan of the White House Project's partnership with CosmoGirl over the years. I'm all for mixing politics and pop culture, and meeting teens where they are. (And do check out the latest poll from this partnership, on whether the next generation is ready for a female president, and whether they'd be more likely to vote if a woman was on the presidential ballot,via Women's e-News. The answers, not suprisingly, are yes and yes.)

So I just learned that CosmoGirl's founding editor-in-chief, Atoosa Rubenstein, who I met once at a Barnard function (and was impressed by, in spite of being underwhelmed by the magazine) has now left Seventeen to pursue other ventures--and is currently circulating a proposal for a book called Alpha Kitty: I Made My Dreams Come True, Despite What the Haters Say, So Can You. Says the New York Times, "Ms. Rubenstein's alpha-kitty philosophy is the electronic version of the girl-power gospel that Ms. Rubenstein's mentor, Helen Gurley Brown, advocated at Cosmopolitan." Rubenstein describes an alpha kitty as a fearless, fashion-conscious woman, who pursue what she wants. Go girl. I just hope that Atoosa keeps the politics somewhere in her prowl.

(Thanks, Mom, for the heads up.)

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