Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gobby Girls, Chefs, and Feminist Sex

A few random-like quick hits in feminist news this morning, cause this is how my brain feels (aka all over the map): The Times Online chronicles the rise of the "gobby girl," while New York mag chronicles the scarcity of top female chefs. Meanwhile, The Toronto Star comments on Canadian feminism and generations, and that article in Sex Roles on how feminists do it better goes live. In case you missed the latter:

The two-part study asked 242 undergraduates and 289 older adults about feminism and their relationships. The results...showed that women who identify themselves as feminists are more likely than non-feminists to be dating or married, and that men and women with feminist partners tend to be happier with their relationships and more satisfied with their sex lives.

Can't say that we're surprised!


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