Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pink Think

It's breast cancer awareness month, and everyone is seeing pink. Check out what PunditMom has to say about it all here. Tara Parker Pope weighs in at the New York Times blog, Well. And definitely don't miss the Think Before You Pink website.

On a related note, the Feminist Law Professors weigh in on pink guns.

All in all, pink sure is a loaded color. When a boy recently wore a pink shirt to his new school, he got made fun of and called gay. But check out the solidarity of his male classmates, who showed up the next day, along with all the other boys they could rally, in pink tank tops, showing their support of the boy who was bullied. Gives a whole 'nother meaning to pink solidarity, huh.


PunditMom said...

Yes, I wrote about this very topic for MSN this month.

Sue said...

It feels great to see so many bloggers participating in the Breast Cancer Awareness month! :)

Deborah Siegel said...

Punditmom rocks! And welcome, Sue!!