Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Thelma and Louise Do-Over for Gen Y

As I've mentioned here before, photographer Emma Bee Bernstein and writer Nona Willis-Aronowitz (daughter of Ellen Willis) are writing a book based on a six-week road trip across the USA. I have a sense this book is going to be big. Read about it already in the Metro. They're photographing and talking to young, smart, ambitious women about what they think and feel about feminism. They're also talking to feminists of their mother's generation and beyond, to ask them about the past and future of feminism. (Um, I am not their mothers' generation but I got talked to about the future of feminism and let's just say that Nona is another who I would follow anywhere. Love that girl.)

They started in Chicago, have taken weekend trips to Minneapolis and the Detroit area, and a couple days ago, they started on the long stretch across the country. I've set them up with my dear friend Shelby in Wyoming. Can't wait to hear how that goes. Check out their blog, from the road, GIRLdrive. Here's a lil taste:
Both of our mothers were deeply involved in Second Wave feminism, so we are closely connected to the movement’s history. But our roadtrip seeks to discover how other women our age grapple with this history of freedom, equality, joy, ambition, sex, and love.

This book is about our generation. It’s about gutsy young women across the American cityscape. It’s about the past and the present, and it glimmers on the future. It’s about the promise of the open road. It’s about us—girls with drive who can’t even take a road trip without turning it into a book.

Now how's that, Jack Kerouac.

So, please check out their blog and comment away--but know that the blog comments are fair game for the book, hehe.

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