Monday, October 1, 2007

Wedding Improv

I'm back from my dear friend Rebecca Wallace-Segall's wedding weekend -- at a bonefide dude ranch in upstate New York! I love weddings that draw on tradition and simultaneously subvert. Groom Jeremy rode in on an ATV, his long hair flying in the wind. Rebecca rode in on a horse, and the horse bolted. Instead of wedding cake, friends baked pies. This is a pic of me and Katie Orenstein (the same Catherine Orenstein who teaches the fabulous op-ed writing classes for women) pretending we are a two-headed buck.

Mazel tovs and dude-like high fives to Rebecca and Jeremy (aka Rebeccemy)! Sending you both tons of love, always.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the theatrical effort was brilliant. I heard the horse bolting was rehearsed for days and Jeremy’s hair was a weave.

With love, Finn (with the long lashes)

sad said...

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