Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Too Cool for Daring Book?

I'm not a mom of a girl, so perhaps my take on this is off. But I really dig The Daring Book for Girls. Though that's just the point, argues Judith Warner at Domestic Disturbances (and, echoing her, Tracy Clark-Flory at Broadsheet). What's cool to Gen Xers is too cool for school to their progeny. But I'm voting girls will dig it. Has anyone test-driven the book with girls yet? I'd be eager to hear the results!

Meanwhile, judge for yourself. There's an excerpt from the book and a video of the authors' Today Show appearance here. And a listing of other upcoming appearances and events here.

(I'll be posting more fully on my response to the book in December, as part of the book's blog tour.)


MojoMom said...

My 8-year old is really interested in The Daring Book for Girls. I understood Judith Warner's point, but I think we should give the book a chance to fly without prejudging what girls will think.

Conseula said...

My own 7-year old had to be forced to sit down and look at it, but once she did, she thought it was cool. To be sure though, she is only interested in those things that are not too "girly" or that involve jumping around and kicking. While I don't find the things in the book particularly "daring," I do think (as I said in my review) it's great for teaching girls about self-made fun.

Deborah Siegel said...

I'm with you, Mojo! And thanks to you both for this test-drive data. Conseula's review is here: http://afrogeekmom.blogspot.com/2007/11/daring-book-for-girls.html