Monday, December 31, 2007

I Heart Palgrave for Publishing Rockin' Feminist Books

Catching up on, well, life, I wandered over to one of my publisher's websites this morning and found a slew of kick-ass titles for 2008. Here's a taste:

The Happy Stripper: Pleasures and Politics of the New Burlesque by Jacki Willson is due in January 2008. Why Women Wear What They Wear, by Sophie Woodward, and Pornification: Sex and Sexuality in Media Culture, an anthology, are both due in February 2008.

Third Wave Feminism and Television: Jane Puts It In a Box, an anthology edited by Merri Lisa Johnson, is now out. And so is Geek Chick: Smart Women in Popular Culture, an anthology edited by Sherrie A. Inness. I am forever indebted to Sherrie for publishing my first piece in an anthology back when I was in graduate school--an essay on Nancy Drew. Happy 2008 Sherrie, wherever you are!


Rachel said...

Deborah, damn you! (Just kidding, of course.) These ALL look amazing - I'm gonna go update my Amazon wish list, though unfortunately what you can't add to your Amazon wish list is...more time for reading. Happy New Year!

Deborah Siegel said...

BUT what better way to start the new year than with Best Sex Writing 2008?! It arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it looks sooo delicious. CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you for sending. I'm off to do a post on it now... xo