Monday, December 10, 2007

Needed: Progressive Women's Voices

Leave it to the savvy ladies over at the Women's Media Center to spearhead this stellar opportunity:

The Progressive Women’s Voices program builds on the Women’s Media Center’s mission to make women more visible and powerful in the media. Through this program, we will identify, train, support, and promote progressive women to become sought-after media resources and opinion leaders. Progressive Women’s Voices will infuse the media with women experts who are prepared to deliver their message and information through mainstream and non mainstream media platforms, educating the public and working to gender-balance the journalistic lens.

To that end, WMC is seeking participants who represent diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and levels of experience to apply for the program, which entails in-person intensive training, 10 weekly issues briefings, ongoing conversation with other participants, a web platform, ongoing WMC strategy and support, mentoring, and 12 Months of Promotion and Pitching.

Read more about it at HuffPo in this post by WMC President, Carol Jenkins, which begins:

Quick: Name five progressive women who you would consider household names in America today.

Can't do it? Then tell us five progressive women whose voices should be prominent in the national media dialogue, and the Women's Media Center will help put them there.

Ready to apply, or tap someone who is? Spread the word!


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*e said...

I'm so excited to hear about this new program! I'm glad that more and more organizations (Woodhull Institute,, etc) are helping women to get their voices heard in public debate.

Thanks for sharing!

PunditMom said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that they like my application!

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