Sunday, December 2, 2007

Obama: The Postfeminist Man?

Regardless of which candidate you're gonna support next November, you've got to admit that to wake up and see the word "feminist" on the cover of the New York Times this morning is itself a testament of the effect Hillary's running is having on the presidential debate. I mean, this beats "soccor moms" and "security moms" hands down. The article, "Feminist Pitch by a Democrat Named Obama," suggests that the Obama campaign is "subtley marketing its candidate as a postfeminist man, a generation beyond the gender conflicts of the boomers." In other words, in the eyes of the postfeminist generation, the best candidate for women might be a man.

But the claim that younger women are less interested in Hillary than Boomer women are seems to go against what the polls are saying. As GWP readers know, I'm obsessed these days by the stats showing the generational breakdown of women's support of Hillary. I posted back in September about how polls were showing younger women supporting Hillary more than Boomer women were. Has anyone seen the recent stats on this one? I'd be curious to hear.

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