Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Parent Wars Redux

I'm sick as a dog today, lying in bed with the covers pulled up to my nose (and my loyal cat at my feet). Can't quite put a sentence together, so thought I'd just share a few quick links, following on yesterday's post.

The Evolution of Dad Project weighs in on the Daddy Wars, noting, "The conflict isn’t being perceived between Traditional Dads and the Stay-At-Home Dads (which would be obvious manufactured companion to the ‘Mommy Wars’) but between dads who desire to have more of a work/family balance and their bosses, who are more typically dads themselves at a slightly older age and bred more on being more of a dedicated breadwinner."

And the BBC reports on new research from the Institute for Social and Economic Research finds that mothers who work outside the home are happier than SAHMs, via Broadsheet

I hear cannons booming. Or maybe that's just my head?

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marc said...

Evolution of Dad already mentioned this, but I'd like to note that the reason for this seems to be that "Stay at home dad's" really don't exist, at least not in very large numbers. There's always a caveat, like "I own my own business" or other work-from-home ventures.

Yet, I do hear cannons, so where are they coming from?