Monday, January 7, 2008

GenderPol Continued

Don't miss Kerry Howly's op-ed in today's New York Times, titled "It Takes a Family to Break a Glass Ceiling." Howly brings an important historical perspective to the issue of Hillary being a politician's wife--the best I've read on this aspect yet.

And while we're on it, some smart and timely gender - and - election commentary from a few of my favorite bloggers:

Gloria Feldt on Hillary: "You know Hillary is no longer seen as the inevitable front runner in Iowa when Maureen Dowd (almost, at least till she gets to her punch line) writes something positive about her." Read more. Be sure to check out Gloria's "memos to Hillary" over at HuffPo.

Carol Lloyd at Broadsheet: "Obama and his mama." Read more.

And of course, Virginia Rutter here at Girl with Pen: "Mind you, seeing Barack Obama win is great for the election, because it keeps the pressure on all around. But there is something else going on, and commentators keep acting like concerns about gender are baloney." Read more. (Thank you to all who are linking to Virginia Rutter's post and helping spread the word. And thank you to those who commented--Virginia will likely be weighing in soon, with her thoughts!)

For anyone near San Diego on February 29, do check out the Eighth Annual Women and the Law Conference and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lecture at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego (via Feminist Law Professors). The topic is, guess what, “Women in Politics: The Role of Gender in Political Decision Making.” I'd be more than happy to have someone who attends guest blog about it here. Any takers?

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