Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary Studies 2.0

I've been thinking so much about Hillary these days. And lately, I've been thinking about how media coverage of an "intergenerational divide" in women's support of her may be fueling, and not just documenting, discord among women across generations. I'm very eager to see some analysis of the age divide after primary season is over and we've all had a chance to chill.

My feelings about Hillary keep evolving. But no matter what you think of her, it's still hard not to be intrigued by the prospect of a woman in the White House.

As I mentioned here recently, the February issue of More, my new favorite magazine (hey, I'm almost 40!), includes a forum in which I asked women who have themselves accomplished many firsts to weigh in on what a Hillary presidency might look like. I'm pleased to announce that the much extended, online version is now live. Check out the very different perspectives of Margaret Cho, Daphne Merkin, Lynn Harris, Dee Dee Myers, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Suzanne Braun Levine, Mary Catherine Bateson, Marie Wilson, Gloria Feldt, Pat Schroeder, Pepper Schwartz, Jane Swift, Nell Merlino, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Linda Hirshman, Kellyanne Conway, and Seema Gahlaut--and please feel free to share the link! The forum is rich--far richer than the squabbles we keep hearing about in the news--and I feel it's so very important to infuse substance, even if speculative, as is the case of this forum, into the public conversation. So, have at it. Please join the conversation and share your comments over at More's site.

And for an interesting More article on Hillary and the age divide, don't miss "Our Hillary Problem". Here, Katherine Lanpher interviews Donna Brazille and asks why some older, elite women voters are ambivalent on Hillary Clinton's candidacy. I don't need to refer you to articles on younger women's ambivalence, because you've probably all read them by now.


Veronica said...

There is a gen-divide. Yes, being fueled by the media -- sometimes, but there is one. Not only do 2nd wavers think 3rd wavers aren't excited enough, they also think there is a lot of ageism going on in the campaign. That is a pretty valid point thou. Of course, all in generalities. :)

Anonymous said...

I still can't fathom how 3rd wavers are completely clueless to gender bias in our nation and the world. They have a deafening ambivalence to the importance of improving women's lives globally. And how starting with a women running a super power is essential. I am under the impression women's doubts about Hillary are entrenched in their own lack of power. Women that also speak so strong against her without policy statements are being catty.

kyle said...

i'm against hillary but not because of her first name but her last name - clinton imposed genocidal sanctions on iraq (450,000 dead), bombed the largest pharmaceutical plant in sudan, causing the death of some 10,000 people due to lost supplies, dropped bombs on yugoslavia in an absurd logic to promote peace by making war, sold arms to indonesia which in turn slaughtered the east timorese, sold arms to turkey which in turn decimated the curds, gave arms to colombia which were used against human rights activists under the absurd pretext of fighting the drug war.

a vote for clinton is a vote for more death.

Claire said...

I'm curious what people think of the "Feminists Find Unity Elusive" piece in the NY Times. I was happy to see Jessica Valenti and Feministing get visibility, but I also found that even though the writer ended on a "can't we all just get along?" note, the Cool, Young Feminists vs. Out of Touch Second Wavers theme was reinforced throughout the piece--right down to the photos they chose of Jessica and Marcia Pappas. I certainly don't agree with NOW NYS's press release, but my heart sank when I saw it because I knew the media would find a way to spin it into another old against young story.

Veronica said...

That has to be the biggest load of BS I've read in a long time. *checking watch*

I don't have the time to outline it all and I do have respect for D's space here.

Dear's like Beauty & the Beast feminist-style.

Anonymous said...


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