Thursday, January 31, 2008

Indecision 2008

That debate made nothin' any easier. To even the score and balance all my Hillary blogging, here's an Obama reader to cap off the day:

"The Visionary Minimalist: Toward a Theory of Obama-ism" by Cass R. Sunstein, The New Republic

"What Counts as an "Issue" In the Clinton-Obama Race?" by George Lakoff, Huffington Post

(Thanks V., S., others--you know who you are.)


kyle said...

Hillary Clinton is a corporate Democrat. There’s no better evidence of that than the Fortune magazine cover story in June of last year, which basically said business loves Hillary. Hillary is a big business candidate.

- ralph nader

kyle said...

in one of your articles you said that the stripper pole is to the present generation what the burned bra was to the boomers. maybe you could speculate as to why that is the case. certainly no one in the 70s would have predicted that. my own guess is that nowadays the stripper's pole is legal. that impulse to dance naked in front of drooling men has always been tempting, now it's just legal. men have got to work hard to making the strip club an "uncool" place, like it was in the early 70's. this might take a good 40 years of propaganda, remember we seriously curtailed prostitution after world war one.

another possibility is that the stripper pole is a relatively a new thing. once its newness fades, the mystique might fade with it.

J. K. Gayle said...

In the middle of our indecision, alas, a meme (my 2nd). So, sorry to do this to you Deborah, but you've been tagged (again).

Catherine said...

Thanks so much GWP for the post by Lakoff. I knew there was a reason I took discourse analysis in grad school. I had noticed the first person/third person shift between Hill and Barack; no matter what the issue, he projects himself as a public servant by stressing the "you" while she stresses "I" ("I wake up every morning and think what can I do for the country.")

I do appreciate all the discussions of identity politics, and how BO tries to distance himself from it, though I would say in various subtle ways he also uses it. I've never considered myself "above" identity politics (I'm suspicious of such moves), but I have to confess I really do not understand the yearning to vote for Hillary because we'd have our first female president. If any other woman had gotten this far in a campaign who wasn't the wife of an already famous Pres, I could say, well that's a great sign for women's movements in this country, and then I'd still vote the issues. But that's not what we have. It is telling, however, that Hillary knows that with a majority of the registered voters being female, she has everything to gain by repeating that she would be first female President, whereas Obama knows that he has everything to lose if he calls himself the first black President. And maybe that is the best sign of the success of women's movements!

Deborah Siegel said...

Kyle - interesting points here about stripping poles. On the whole pole issue, I think that younger women's feminism is stereotyped as being only about stripping poles, when really there's so much more going on among us (do I still count as young feminist? I'm not sure! I turn 39 in a week - yikes!)

J.K. - Off to check your latest meme. That last one was so much fun!

Catherine: I so appreciate your comments, and you make some great points here. Thank goodness our friendship can withstand our political divergence on this one :) I value your perspective on all this, entirely.

Anonymous said...