Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Year In...

I love feministing and Broadsheet. But now I heart them even more for posting the year in feministing and the year in Broadsheet. It's like a whirlwind tour through feminist (and antifeminist) America circa 2007. The scholar in me is thinking how great this kind of thing is for online archives, future feminist scholarship, and the like. But the girl in me is just thinking this kills. Remember when there weren't yet blogs like these around? When keeping current on feminist news and issues and happenings was a far more scattershot endeavor? When researching a previous year's happenings was not quite so easy as the click of a mouse? Keep it up, feministing and Broadsheet gals and readers. The womengirlsladies are cheering you on. (More on that clunky but catchy run-on word soon....)

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