Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sisterhood Interrupted Redux

Given all the attention this week on feminism, the age gap, and younger women's vote, I thought I'd post here an interview I did for Women's Radio that just went up. Have at it :)


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Christine said...

I really enjoyed the interview and plan on reading your book. You might address this in your book, but what do you think are the issues that younger women deal with today that differ with older feminists? I am guessing and basing it on personal experience, but childcare seems to be a big issue for younger women today since the connective family thread is not as strong as yesteryear. What I mean is that many older women are still working and not available to younger mothers. Or having to balance elder care with work may also affect this balance. A definate issue my friends and I deal with is the high expectations that young mothers today have in terms of education and activity for their children. Older family members are always remarking how much easier it was when they were raising children. There were less expectations of them in terms of child education and entertainment. Is this a result of a more educated younger generation of women?

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