Friday, February 8, 2008

Donut Spewing Rant about Men Who Seek Younger, Childless Babes

Most excellent rant this morning about unreconstructed dudes from Judith Warner, called "Like a Fish Needs a Donut." Read it and weep. I'm just as ready as the next girl to spew donuts about it all, along with Judith. But I also wanted to share an article I wrote a few years ago for Psychology Today with lots of research-based evidence finding that highly-educated, high-achieving guys do seek high-achieving women as mates these days. The article was titled "The New Trophy Wife." (Please note: It was not I who gave the article its title.)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Did your study take into consideration geographical location? That is to say, is this phenomenon of men choosing "high power" or highly educated women as life partners more prevalent in urban areas/big cities? I live in a medium-sized city in SC, and I definitely don't see that going on!
I've run into quite the contrary.

Just curious. It would be pretty great to see more relationship parity around here....