Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ode to Interracial Love

That gal Courtney has done it again. Though we don't necessarily agree on choice of candidates, we've been having a great offline discussion about it all of late. And today, Courtney's beautiful ode to her dude Obama, which is really an ode to interracial love, has been published in the New York Daily News. Read it and, with me, get misty.

And while I'm on it and feeling all Valentiney today, thought I'd share something I wrote last spring, when Marco moved in with me and bought me a mezuzah as a gift:

IMAGINE my surprise. You, a Puerto Rican from the South (let me say it) Bronx who had never attended a seder, never set foot in a synagogue, who knew Judaism as H&H bagels, Hollywood moguls, and odd looking men in black hats. You, a curious blend of cocoa bean, Cuban rhythm, good ole American diner, and deco movie palace. With you, I find myself able to share -- and dig into -- my Jewishness in a way I hadn't with the earnest parade of appropriate Jewish suitors and boyfriends and yes, one highly appropriate husband, who preceded you. One marriage down, a Jewish divorce behind me, and a life of wonder ahead, I consider you, oddly, my guide....

(Love you, babe!)


Courtney said...

Thanks, as always, D.

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