Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ain't Over til It's Over!

But wait--is it a good thing that this is dragging out? I'm doing a little happy dance over here this morning, though Marco is down in the dumps. Ah, the joys of being a house divided. We both, however, have serious Election Fatigue Syndrome (EFS) and are more than ready to rally behind whoever becomes the nominee. That said, I'm still doing the happy dance and have regained hope for my girl.

Some great quips from other nail biters, all of us looking ahead, nervously, to the national election:

Lynn Harris at Broadsheet, "Women and Clinton: Damned If They Vote, Damned If They Don't?"--there's so much great stuff here you just gotta read it, but a favorite line: "We all know about 'shrill.' Which to me, for the record, describes John McCain."

Gloria Feldt quoted over at Women's ENews: For women, McCain would be "disaster in a nutshell."

Kavita Ramdas at The Nation: "The next President needs the ability to demonstrate the inner courage and conviction that comes from owning his or her 'otherness.' As a woman and a mother, Hillary Clinton could bring insights and perspectives no other President in US history could have brought to the negotiating table of war and peace. As the stepson of an Indonesian Muslim and the son of a Kenyan and a white woman from Kansas, Barack Obama manifests what it means to be a global citizen. What is at stake in this election is not merely the historic first that would be accomplished if either a black man or a woman became the next US President. What is at stake is the fragile future of our shared world.“

(Thanks to Purse Pundit for that last one!)

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