Saturday, March 8, 2008

Come Together? Yes We Can.

My oped with Courtney is live, in The Washington Post! Here tis: "Come Together? Yes We Can."

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J. K. Gayle said...

This isn't going to spoil anything when I give this preview (so get over to WP and read Courtney's and Deborah's important op ed now):

"When men disagree, it's called conversation. When women disagree, it's called a catfight. That's what the media have been calling it for years. . . . [and it] plays into the worst kind of lazy black-and-white thinking. Feminist history has taught us that social change is as complex as the humans who try to enact it.

Take us. . . . Both of us are feminists, and neither's opinion threatens our sense of what that means.

The personal is still political, the political is personal, and we're bound to feel passionately about two such historic candidates. But the question of whether you can be a feminist and still support Obama [or Clinton, or any other candidate for that matter] has about as much integrity as the question of whether you can be a feminist and wear lipstick. Those who ask it play into the divide-and-conquer model that real feminism tries to renounce."