Thursday, March 27, 2008

Defection Is for Losers

I'm in Easton, PA, watching campaign ads from my hotel room and feeling ill as I digest the latest news about the allegedly high percentage of Democratic voters who say they'll "defect" and vote for McCain if their prefered Dem doesn't win the nomination. PEOPLE, WAKE UP! I think I want to write another op-ed. (Paging Courtney--copy that?!)

I wish all those Dems who feel this way could have been at the dinner I attended with a group of Lafayette College students before my talk here last night. Most seemed to be Obama supporters, save me and one other student (go Abra!), but we all shared the fantasy of the Dream Ticket--Hillary and Barack, both. The passionate dinner table conversation, and a later exchange with Kimberly, a staff member here who was moved to drive up to New Hampshire to campaign for Obama door-to-door, put me in direct touch once again with the incredible energy and awakening among young people that Obama has set in motion.

To any post-college-age Democrat who feel "defecting" is an appropriate response, I have this to say: Defection is nothing but sore loserdom, with the emphasis on LOSER. Before you defect, please think about the message you are sending to a generation newly engaged.

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Courtney said...

Copy. Commence op-ed writing. Over and out.
Great post D. Thanks for being the bridge as always!

Anonymous said...

I think the defection is an attempt to get them both on the same ticket. There is a lot of bitterness. Many people say Hillary would need Barack on the ticket more, but I disagree - they need each other. I voted for Hillary in the primary and if Barack wins and I do not like who is on the ticket with him, I will have no problem sitting out this election or vote for McCain. Truth be told I used to be registered republican and voted for McCain when he was running against Bush. Do I like his message now? Not really, but I am truly disgusted at what the DNC did with Florida and Michigan.