Thursday, March 6, 2008

Girl w/Pen on TV

Tonight! On WNBC (local NYC news station) sometime between 7-7:30pm, I'll be on talking about the new study from the Council on Contemporary Families that I blogged about this morning. I got the call this morning and (Courtney will appreciate this!), I dashed off to buy a cheap dress at The Gap near Rock Center because I was wearing ratty jeans and inappropriate boots. Fortunately, the producer promised me, you won't see my boots.

And on Sunday, March 16, I'll be appearing on WCBS (again, local news) in a segment on feminism as part of a women's history month special series. I hear Linda Gordon was interviewed too, and that Courtney Martin will be on it too. I feel so honored to be in their company. And grateful to the Women's Media Center for the use of their office for the shoot.