Monday, March 10, 2008

Intergen Interpol Hits the Road

I've been really moved reading the comments and emails posted in response to Courtney and my oped ("Come Together? Yes We Can") in The Washington Post yesterday--everything from "This primary fight is breaking my heart" to " I am so glad to read what I have been thinking," and even the occasional "WTF" and "dream on," as it puts me in touch with the various perspectives out there and gives me a sense of what we (as in we Dems) are up against.

The same week our oped appeared, an essay by Jessica Valenti titled "The Sisterhood Split" appeared in The Nation, and Gloria Feldt responded over at Heartfeldt, "What's That about a Sisterhood Split?" For more, see also an article by Jennifer Wells in The Globe and Mail, "Battle Lines Harden on the Gender Front".

Clearly, there's a hunger for discussion! Gloria, Courtney, Kristal Brent Zook, and I are taking the conversation on the road this month with what I've been tongue-in-cheek calling the intergenerational feminist roadshow (otherwise known as "WomenGirlsLadies: A FRESH Conversation Across Generations"*). There's one event in there (March 14 @ Eastern Michigan University) where Courtney and I can't make it, and we're delighted and honored to have Hannah Seligson and Paula Kamen speaking in our stead.

I'm posting our March events below, along with talks I'm giving on Sisterhood Interrupted this month too. A thousand thanks for spreading word, and def come say hi if you're there!

March 11 @ University of Missouri, Kansas City (Sisterhood, Interrupted)

March 14 @ Eastern Michigan University (WomenGirlsLadies)

March 17 @ Central Michigan University (WomenGirlsLadies)

March 18 @ Eastern Michigan University, Central Michigan University (WomenGirlsLadies)

March 26 @ Lafayette College, PA (Sisterhood, Interrupted)

March 27 @ New School (Feminist Generations/Feminist Locations with Ann Snitow, Meredith Tax, me, Cleopatra Lamothe, and Ercia Reade)

April 18 @ Harvard University (WomenGirlsLadies)

*WomenGirlsLadies will be booking throughout 2008. To book an engagement, please contact Taryn Kutujian at

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