Monday, March 17, 2008

Is Spitzergate a New "Anita Hill"?

I found it interesting that in this weekend's NYTimes article "Postfeminism and Other Fairy Tales", Deborah Tannen compares the Spitzergate moment with Anita Hill, and twentysomething Slate blogger Noreen Malone says that for her, an Obama supporter, the Spitzer moment trumped the tearful moment in bringing her to a slightly different point of view. “Oddly enough it’s taken Spitzergate — not Hillary’s tears, not her scolding — to make me less dismissive of the feminist ‘obligation’ to vote for a woman,” says Malone.

So much going on in these comparisons, and if I weren't bleary eyed (or, as Courtney puts it, "feeling like a crackhead") from the past 24 hours of planes, trains, and automobiles, I'm sure I'd have something more to say about it all. Perhaps GWP readers can help me out. What do you think of the comparison between Anita Hill and Spitzergate as rallying moments for feminism?

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