Thursday, March 20, 2008

TOUR NOTES: Gloria and Courtney in Action at CMU

Gorgeous shot of Gloria asking Courtney a tough question about women's voting power on our panel this week! Lindsay Knake of the Central Michigan Life newspaper wrote a great article about the event (though please note that I said "economic opportunities"; not sure what "racial opportunities," as the reporter writes, actually means!) The piece begins:
Writer Deborah Siegel and the other panelists of "WomenGirlsLadies" are looking to change the way people view feminism.
And as Courtney notes over at our group blog (WomenGirlsLadies), "Knake's article was a great improvement over the pre-event coverage which lead with the cringe-worthy: 'Students can take part in a university-sponsored 'girl talk' tonight.' Pass the nail polish and don't you dare freeze my underwear girlies!"

But seriously, a thousand thanks to everyone at CMU, especially Jill Taft-Kaufman who made it all happen. It was an absolute pleasure! We'll soon have a podcast version of the panel, and I promise to post it when we do.

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