Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who's In the Pipeline?

Sigh. Yes. It's a question many are starting to ask. In "Electing a Woman to the White House: Who’s on Deck?" NYTimes writer Susan Dominus notes that "There is...a good chance that if Mrs. Clinton falters, the feminist conversation will shift from what went wrong with her campaign to another pressing matter: who’s coming down the pipeline."

Also of interest over there recently is an article titled "Mining the Gender Gap for Answers," in which reporter Robin Toner concludes that answers are, well, few:
"Move beyond the tactical skirmishes in this campaign, and one of the most intriguing issues remains the influence of gender on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy. The questions are fundamental and — even with modern polling technology — almost impossible to answer."

Well, let's see what the day brings. It's sure to be an interesting one at that.

(Thanks to CCF for the reminder.)

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