Thursday, April 24, 2008

CFP: A Radical Chicken Soup for the Feminist Soul

I just learned about a new project from Think Girl: "I Was There: Stories from the Feminist Front." Think Girl's Executive Director Sarah Morgan explains that she was inspired to begin this project after reading Susan Brownmiller's description of her work on reproductive rights during the Roe v Wade fight. Writes Sarah, "Her first person account of rallying, flyering, marching and, finally, celebrating struck a cord with me and I wanted to read more." After reading The Feminist Memoir Project: Voices from Women's Liberation, she decided she wanted to deepen the dialogue on feminism and anti-racism, to cull past and present stories of activism, and to bridge generational divides between feminists.

In this spirit, Think Girl is asking women of all ages, races and backgrounds to submit stories of their work as activists for women's issues. (Think: A Radical Chicken Soup for the Feminist Soul.) Their hope is that first person stories of strength, perseverance and courage will serve as inspiration to women and girls as they continue their work in or enter the movement.

Stories will be posted weekly at, and they also aim to publish a collection of these stories.

So what's Think Girl, you ask? Here's a bit about them:

Locally, Think Girl bridges women in Metro Detroit: women of all races and ethnicities, of low- and middle-income, of all body abilities, of spiritual and secular beliefs, and from Detroit and the suburbs. They present educational workshops for preteen girls on media literacy and body image, women's history and feminism, and challenging stereotypes. Think Girl believes in feminist activism that is both global and local. We aim to center women of color in our dialogues and activism, and to represent the ways in which all social justice movements intersect.. Globally, our web site links activists with women's news, educational resources, and personal writings. We hope to help girls and women understand feminism's past and present, and encourage them to contribute to its future. We are co-organizing The Feminist Summit, a national conference coming to Detroit in May 2009.

More info here.

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