Monday, April 7, 2008

Comments on an Intergenerational Convo at NYTimes

Oh my gosh--my mother has learned how to post comments at the New York Times! Mom, you make me proud! Renee (aka Mom, pictured left) posted in response to my online convo with Courtney over at Marci's blog last week, Shifting Careers. Since I'm bursting with pride at Renee's willingness to learn, and since I also loved what she wrote, I'm reposting her comment here:
"I really enjoyed this discussion between Deborah and Courtney– it touches on so many of the issues that I faced when I entered the work force. It is interesting to me, although a bit disappointing that younger feminists are still trying to achieve things like good child care, flexible hours, and that they 'appear' to be asking too much. Sense of entitlement? To me, if it is for valid reasons and causes, it’s fine. Entitlement only for oneself, without working for authentic and reasonable goals to be shared with other women, is not acceptable. Keep up the dialogue!" -Renee
And while I'm at it, I can't resist posting this comment from some dude who thinks I'm a liar:
"Uh, I’m sorry but Ms. Siegal should not lie about here age. Clearly, she is no older than 29. If you wanna add some legitimacy to this debate a 'boomer' would have really been interesting."
— Posted by Steven Cayce
Well, I AM 39 (as I'm IDed in the post) and for a wider range of generational perspective Steven, I invite you to come hear the panel Courtney and I doing at Harvard with Gloria Feldt and Kristal Brent Zook on April 18. For more on "WomenGirlsLadies: A FRESH Conversation Across Generations," I invite folks to check out our group blog!

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