Thursday, April 17, 2008

EVENT: What-is-Feminism Conference @ Columbia

The Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University announces a fall conference:

"What is Feminist Politics Now? Local and Global, "19-20 September, 2008

The conference will explore:
- The changing meanings of feminism, and its goals (intellectual,social and political) in a global context: to examine whether these meanings can any longer be contained within the rubric of common social agendas.
- Emerging social movements within the United States and beyond, including those that foster the collective interests of women across national, class, religious, and racial borders; the common interests of women and men; and those that call for greater individual autonomy.
- Questions about how women within the post-industrial west can effectively relate to, and remain engaged with, issues that arise from diverse locations and affect differently situated women in different ways.

More info coming soon here.

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