Thursday, April 3, 2008

GWP Seeks Spring & Summer 2008 Intern!

Yep, I'm looking for an intern to begin work 5-10 hours/week starting between now and May and ending in August. Primary responsibilities will entail:
• pitching talks and workshops to campuses and organizations for Fall 2008
• organizing content for a new website (comfort with WordPress, or willingness to learn, a plus!)

For the first month, compensation will be hourly. Changing to a commission-based payment arrangement will be considered during month two (in other words, the intern could receive a percentage of the fee received for any talk or workshop that she books for me for the Fall).

• strong writing skills a must
• aggressive outreach skills (email, phone)
• meticulous follow-up ability
• familiarity with Excel spreadsheet
• availability to meet by phone once/week and in person in NYC once/month

• networking networking networking!
• opportunity to guest post regularly on Girl w/ Pen
• all work will be done off-site/remotely
• great for someone interested in PR, marketing, book promotion, feminist organizations, women’s studies, the writing/speaking circuit

If interested, please send cover note and resume to me directly at (To learn more about the kinds of talks and workshops, you can read more about my work over at

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