Friday, April 25, 2008

My Whereabouts

Last night I heard amazing ladies--Laura Flanders, Carol Jenkins, Gloria Steinem, Marlene Sanders, Mary Thom, Marie Wilson, Pat Mitchell, and newfound friend Suzanne Braun Levine--talk about women, media and politics ("From Bella to Hillary") at The Paley Center. I promise promise promise to post about it early next week.

I'm rushing off to catch my plane for Chicago, where I'll be doing a blogging workshop at the Council on Contemporary Families Conference (with the help of blogger extraordinaire Veronica Arreola). If the conference venue is wired, I'll try to do some live-blogging from the conference, but if not, I'll be back over here on Monday of course.

Meanwhile, tonight kicks off the second class of Progressive Women's Voices back in NYC and I'm only bummed I won't be in town to join them all for dinner. (The WMC crew are now accepting apps for the 3rd class, btw, so if you didn't make it this time, you can try again!)

And on a personal note, my parents are currently in Turkey, teaching therapists over there and getting hot stone massages. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

Happy spring weekends to all...!

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About the book said...

Thanks for your excellent presentation on blogging at CCF Deborah! It was really informative and useful, and I look forward to visiting your blog often (and attending more CCF functions--what a great organization.)

--Jennifer Margulis (who can't figure out how to leave a comment on this blog without being identified as About the Book... ah well)