Monday, April 14, 2008

Shout It from the Rooftops

I just wanted to send a shout out to all the commenters on Samantha's guest post on Friday, "Feminist Awakening at 14, and to those who cross-posted! I'm hoping to coax a few more posts from Sam, because, as I think ya'll agree, she's dynamite (as are the other writers of Writopia Lab). Sam's post was picked up around the blogosphere, and I wanted to share tidbits from the commentary:

Nancy Gruver, at orb28 blog: "Samantha's post reminded me that, even if teenagers can't vote yet, they can still have a big impact on politics by speaking up."

Gloria Feldt, at HeartFeldt Politics Blog: "It's always intriguing to learn how political opinions are formed, and this young women clearly has a mind of her own--and better yet, she talks publicly about what she believes."

Patti Binder, of What's Good for Girls blog: "Stand up and shout it from the roof tops-- your message, your voice needs to be out there!"

El Profe of Political Observations: "An extraordinarily well thought-out piece filled with sensitivity, nuance, intelligence and hopefulness for the recovery of our browbeaten nation. Samantha is a person of insight. New voices such as hers are what will be needed in the world that she is inheriting. Bravo Samantha."

So Sam...when can we at GWP expect your next piece?! Your readership awaits :)

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Samantha said...

YAY!!! OK, hi. This is Samantha speaking (the one who wrote the article... yeah). SO I just wanted to say muchos gracias to all of you for reading my article. I am v excited about all of it AND THANK YOU GIRL WITH PEN YAY AND MY EDITOR (AND DARLING COUSIN) BECCA SEGALL. Uhm... yeah go to Writopia Lab because it's amazing and oh wow I'm just really happy. Yay. OK I'm done.