Friday, May 23, 2008

Damned if She Do...

Interesting exchange going on over at feministing about a Glamocracy post by Fernanda Diaz arguing that Hillary has "ruined it" for future female politicians by being "unfeminine." As my friends at Catalyst have said and shown again and again, a woman leader is damned if she does and doomed if she don't. It's dispiriting to me to hear the aggressive = unfeminine argument coming from a next-generation younger woman. I mean, unreconstructed/threatened men, sure. But I just hate it how women ourselves can sometimes be our own worst enemy. You know?

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Anonymous said...

Disheartening but not surprising. How many of us really understood at 23 give or take just how far our gender still has to go to achieve parity on the equality scale.

What women who buy into the unfeminine myth don't understand is how the media and the powers that be use our insecurity about ourselves as women against us to keep us from achieving too much or from trying to at all.