Friday, May 2, 2008

End-of-the-Week News RoundUp

Four quick hits, thanks to Rebekah over at the Women's Media Center, below. To subscribe to the WMC's daily newsfeed--which I highly recommend for those looking for a way to keep up with women-focused news headlines--click here. (And next roundup I post, I promise to include links!)

Woman Gains Silver Star -- And Removal From Combat
Washington Post: In Afghanistan as well as Iraq, female soldiers are often tasked to work in all-male combat units -- not only for their skills but also for the culturally sensitive role of providing medical treatment for local women, as well as searching them and otherwise interacting with them. Such war-zone pragmatism is at odds with Army rules intended to bar women from units that engage in direct combat or collocate with combat forces.

Women As Catalysts For Change: New Organization Starts Micro-Lending Fund
Fairfield University Mirror: Nine students and their professor have direct micro-lending to women entrepreneurs a reality by creating the Sustainable Equity for Women (SEW) Fund. The SEW Fund lends money to female entrepreneurs in developing countries to aid their business ventures.

Iranian Feminist Faces Lashings, Jail
Australian News: Iran has handed a feminist a suspended sentence of 10 lashes and six months in prison, the Kargozaran newspaper has reported, in the fourth such punishment for a women's rights activist in Iran within weeks.

The Folly of McCain-Care
The New Republic: In just the last few weeks, this issue has started to become a political liability for McCain, thanks mostly to Elizabeth Edwards, who--in addition to being a well-known cancer patient--is also a well-known policy wonk.

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