Friday, May 16, 2008

Girl with Tutu

This is my cousin Shaina, at her ballet recital. She's a bumble bee. Aw. I took ballet at Shaina's age too and didn't quit til college. When the ballet teachers started telling some of the girls in my classes to lose weight I cut loose. I liked me my HoHos. So enjoy the dance of the bumble bees Shaina, but if you keep at it, fight for the right to your Hoho, too :)


orb28 said...

I love that you featured a *real* girl who looks confident and happy doing her thing. Girls need more people like you telling them to enjoy themselves as they are - thanks, Deborah! (Not that HoHos are the staple of a healthy childhood, but it would be great if we all stopped focusing on only pleasing others and feeling bad about our looks!)

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