Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Progressives and Popular Culture

I recently learned about GoLeft.org, a web-based project designed to assist small, local, progressive groups around the country by attracting volunteers and other resources to their work. What piqued my interest was their approach--they videos as their primary means of linking progressive non-profit organizations to similar and likeminded people across the country, and they're also into the politics of pop culture. And ok ok, I admit, they got my attention because they just released a guide to help steer conversations after viewing "Sex and the City" later this month.

The discussion guide is available for download at GoLeft.org, where visitors also find blog posts tackling the day's progressive issues and how they relate to current goings-on in the world of pop culture. I like the flavor of their news page and wonder if it's possible to get it yet as a feed. Hmm.

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